Saturday, July 3, 2010

MSDN Ultimate Subscription Contest

If you have been meaning to get a Twitter account, start a blog, or join Pass, but have been putting it off, don’t wait any longer. I have three MSDN Ultimate subscriptions to give out, and I thought it was a good chance to raise awareness on some of the things that have helped me through the years. Since I have three cards, I came up with three ways you can enter to win. Each of the following will get your name thrown into a hat; if you do all three, you get three chances to win. I will announce the winners on July 12th.


Send a tweet using the hash tag #MSDNGiveaway with a link to this article.

Don’t have a twitter account? Easy go sign up at

Don’t know anything about twitter? Go download Brent Ozar’s free ebook at


Write a blog post about one of your favorite SQL Server features and make sure you link it here in the comments. It could be your favorite script, short cut, whatever.

Don’t have a blog? Go get one. There are plenty of free blog sites out there.

Member of Pass

Finally, show that you’re a member of PASS by sending me an email (kensimmonsii at gmail dot com) with the name of one of the technical articles located here

Can’t see the name of any of the articles? Create an account.


Anonymous said...

Do old blog posts count?

Here's one from a year ago where I attended a PASS session in Melbourne, presented by Greg Low with a focus on tips for SQL indexing:

AdaTheDev said...

Here's a blog post I wrote not that long ago on a subject that is always at the forefront of my mind as an SQL Server Developer:

"The Rise of the Sql Server DevBA":

It's also the one that has had the most feedback out of any of my posts.

r5d4 said...

Compression has to be my favourite feature of Sql 2008. I've produced a '101' linking all my findings on backup and data compression.

jaype said...

I created a new post to list my favorite features. It's at

Ashley Burton said...

Hey, I've written my version of My Favourite SQL Server Features but I've given it a slightly more time-tested slant since I still spend a lot of time in SQL Server 2000 and 2005.

Kelly Martinez (@greeleygeek) said...

Short post:

Florian Reischl said...

Hi Ken!

Nice idea that caused me to reflect myself how I changed my solutions over the last years.

Here's my post about User-Defined Table-Valued types and parameters.
Table-Valued Parameters

(off topic: The iframe, containing this "Post Comment" gadget is too small, I had to use the Chrome development features to be able to see the capture.)

Ken Simmons said...

Florian - Thanks. I removed the word verification to see if that helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi I sent a tweat from CallClerk - thanks for the opportunity to win!