Monday, July 12, 2010

And the Winners Are…

In case you were unaware, I (along with several other MVPs) had a contest to give away three MSDN Ultimate subscriptions. There were three different ways to enter. One was to send a tweet, one was to write a blog post, and one was to send the name of an article from the PASS website. I saw a some new twitter accounts and got a few emails from people like the following…

“I have joined PASS; thank you for introducing me to the PASS.”

“I am now a member of PASS :)”

So I am pretty happy with the results.

Thanks to a suggestion from Aaron Nelson (@SQLVariant), I was able the use the following line of PowerShell code to pick the winners.

Get-Content C:\FileName.txt | Get-Random

3145658250_6d9e638c1b_mIt’s a Major Award!

Without further ado, the winners are…

Ashley Burton (@lazywriter) -

Samson Loo (@sqlsamson)

Christopher Kusek (@CXI)

Congratulations to the winners! I hope they get some good use out of the subscription.


romilnagrani said...

I thought i would be the winner has i had tweet maximum of all...:-(

Florian Reischl said...

Congrats to the winners.