Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goals for 2010

I have been thinking a lot about what where I wanted to focus next year and have been writing things down as they came to me. I have a lot of personal goals I want to accomplish next year like reading more non-technical books, but I am going to keep this list related to SQL Server. I did a lot of things last year that I deemed personal accomplishment like writing my first book, presenting at my first SQL Server event, and even becoming an MVP. This year I am going to focus more on hard-core learning and continue branching out and trying new things. I tend to add and remove things from my list throughout the year as they become relevant or irrelevant, but here is what I am starting out with.

  • Give an Online presentation – Every presentation I have done so far has been in front of a group of people. I want to venture out and experience the world of virtual presentations.
  • Present at one of the national SQL Server events – I started to put a goal here to submit a presentation for a national event, but how hard is it really to submit something. I think the ultimate goal would be to actually get accepted and present. My first thought is that I had no control over whether I was accepted or not. Then I realized I was wrong. I know there is certain criteria, and I can do my best to meet it.
  • Present at a minimum of four local events – SQLSaturday, User Groups, Code Camps, etc. 
  • Record a series of videos for – I think recording videos would be another good way to sharpen my presentation skills.
  • Read all the whitepapers from the MCM Pre-Reading List - There are several links here that point to blog categories. I want to knock out all of the whitepapers first and if I have time, I will circle back around to the blogs.
  • Get SQL 2008 Certifications
    • MCITP: Database Administrator
    • MCITP: Database Developer