Friday, October 23, 2009

New Whitepaper on Consolidation Using SQL Server 2008

I just finished reading a new whitepaper by Allan Hirt on Consolidation Using SQL Server 2008. It's 60 pages, so it is long enough to include some good detail, but not so long that you can't sit down and read it all at once. I have a special interest in consolidation and I would recommend that anyone starting or already going through a consolidation project take a few minutes to read this whitepaper.
A few of the highlights from the whitepaper that I really liked are...
  • A good sample list of the guiding principals that will govern the consolidation project
  • What kind of information you need to gather about servers during a consolidation project as well as why you need to collect it (even a detailed list of performance counters)
  • The different types of consolidation along with the considerations you need to be aware of for each one
The whitepaper is full of other great advice as well such as the options you have for moving your databases and considerations for administering a consolidated environment once the process is complete.