Friday, October 23, 2009

It’s Bingo Time!

1761310512_bf275545d1[1]We're only a few days away from the PASS Summit now, and you need to make sure to print out some bingo cards so you can have a little extra fun, have a chance to win some prizes, and meet a lot of new people.
A few weeks ago the idea started going around about a Twitter bingo game and thanks to some hard work from a few people in the SQL Community, it looks like the game’s on. You can read the official rules on the SQLServerPedia website, but here are a few things you should keep in mind.
  1. Make sure to print out three cards (one for each day).
  2. Make sure to refresh the page between printing to get a new card.
  3. Make sure to print a copy of the rules, because they change each day.
When you track down a person on the square, they will give you a code word you need to write on their space. I am one of the people you need to track down so I will be tweeting my whereabouts throughout the day using the official twitter bingo hash tag #sqlbingo. You don’t have to use twitter to be eligible, but it will give you an advantage when trying to find the people on your card.
You can find out who all has signed up to be a square as well as some other good information on Stuart Ainsworth’s blog. You may even have a slight advantage if you start following everyone ahead of time.