Monday, June 1, 2009

My take on SQLSaturday

I attended my first SQLSaturday on May 30th in Birmingham. I made the drive there and back from Columbus, GA (about 2.5 hours each way). It was a long day, but I had a great time. I met a lot of friendly people and learned a few things too. It’s really nice to be around such a large group of people that all share the same passion for SQL as I do. When you talk to people, their eyes don’t actually glaze over. I did a presentation on Preproduction Tasks. I had a 60 minute slot and could have gone longer. I have posted the presentation on the resources page of the Columbus GA SQL Server Users Group website (complete with scripts and all) for anyone that would like a copy. The files should also be located on the SQLSaturday website for the event here. I will be presenting in my hometown of Pensacola at SQLSaturday #14 and I’m looking forward to meeting many of the people I interact with online. You will definitely find me at any of the the SQLSaturday’s that come near Columbus, GA from now on and who knows I may be able to host a SQLSaturday here soon.


RRave said...

Dear Sir,

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